Alumni Displays

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(Photos courtesy of Steve Sarver)

There are four framed alumni displays in the Main Lodge - for Bob Davison, Bob Missman, Bill Mulford, and Frank Lowden:

Bob Davison

Bob Missman

Frank Lowden

Bill Mulford

Bob Davison and Bob Missman were former camp staff members who were killed in action during the Korean War. Both have memorials at camp dedicated to them (the main flagpole and the rifle range, respectively). They also both had displays in the main lodge, but they were nothing more than newspaper clippings of their deaths glued onto a sheet of plywood. I always thought they deserved more than that.

Similarly, both Bill Mulford and Frank Lowden played an integral part in the development of the camp and its staff. There was a small display for Governor Lowden, but it really did not contain much information, and there was nothing at all for Mr. Mulford. I always thought that was a crying shame.

When doing research for the camp history, I had the opportunity to get to know these four individuals through the eyes of their family and friends. It was very meaningful to find out who they were, what they were like, and why former staff members held them in such high regard. I was able to incorporate a lot of these experiences into the camp history, but I still wanted a visible tribute to each of them at camp for all to see.

After quickly selling out of the first 200 copies of the camp history, we had some money left over. I gave the appropriate text to graphic design staff at Northern Illinois University, explained what I was trying to do, and they came up with displays for each. I then had them custom framed, and all four displays were unveiled at the 2007 staff reunion. In addition, replica displays were also made and sent to living family members, where known, as well as their close friends who provided the background information.

- Steve Sarver



Unveiling (at 2007 staff reunion)