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Camp Lowden History

Ever since I was ten years old, Camp Lowden has been my absolute favorite place. From swimming in the pool to shooting guns to great campfires—what a great place for boys to be! I could not wait to get there each summer, and the saddest day of the year was the day we had to go home. But before I passed through the gate at the end of each summer, I had already decided which merit badges I would take the following summer.

For those who have never experienced a week of summer camp, it is somewhat difficult to describe just how great Camp Lowden is. The Living Legends of Camp Lowden publication is an attempt to do so, and it is my sincere hope that the Spirit of Camp Lowden is reflected throughout those pages as well as this Web site.

Steve Sarver
Co-Author, The Living Legends of Camp Lowden


No work of this magnitude is solely the work of one person. I would like to thank the more than 265 people listed below who provided photographs, memorabilia, information, personal recollections, and/or provided answers to questions which had gone unanswered for many years.

Brian Aichele
Don Albright
Bob Anderson
Ernie Bacilek
Dave Bates
Ed Bates
Mike Berlin
Brian Berridge
Dan Bestul
Joe Bestul
Lee Binkley
Jim & Karen Boeger
Chuck Bradley Family
William Bradley Family
Rusty & Penny Broadbent
Tom Brooks
Wayne Brooks
J. David Bruchsaler
Ken Buhmeyer
Harold Burkhalter
Ray Burton
Todd Burton
Francis Bushman
Ron Capion
Catholic Diocese of Rockford
Geraldine Chockley
Carl Christensen
Gene Coats
Jim Connors
David Conover
Stu & Sue Conover
Jerry Coots
Mark Costello
Tim & Jimmye Cox
Dave Crawford
Miranda Missman Cross
Alex Crump
Earle Curtiss
Dana Dawes
Chris Deering
Mike DeLeo
Vicki Deter
Kevin Dhuse
Dan Dick
Ben Dirks
Nick Dirks
Doran Dockstader
Bill Doering
Jim Donelan
Pete Drnek
Steve Dyer
Griffin & Sarah Eckert
Joshua Ehlers
Helen Emerick
Jason Endress
Chet Epperson
Chris Erbach
Dawn Fisk
Valarie Fisk
Bob & Elverta Ford
Neal Ford
Howard Fox
Mike Frueh
Lloyd Funk
Ev Gaston
Tim H. Gaston
Chris Gierhart
Paul Gierhart
Ray Gierhart
David Glenn
Craig Gonder
Emmet Gonder
Al & Debbie Goodwin
Greenwood Cemetery (Rockford)
Brian Habing
John Haegg
O.A. Hanke
Keith Haseman
Jef Heckinger
Matt Heckinger
Tom Heintzelman
Mark Hesse
Al Holgerson
Art Holgerson
Hal Homann
Paul Hughes
Bill Incontro
Stephanie (Sue) Jacobs
Steve & Janice James
Bob Jansen
Chuck Jansen
Lloyd Johnson
Travis Johnson
Dick Kahler
Don Kahler
Clyde Kangas
Bill Keith
Retta Keithley
Kirk & Danette Kettwich
Joe Kieffer
Ken Kielar
Ted Kjellstrom
Les Klaas
Ray Kleinhaus
Bob Knox
Lee Kraut
Hans Kruger
Pete Kruger
Rick Kuntzelman
Ross LaLoggia
Kevin Lamm
Kate Noirfalise Lehrke
Ben Lee
Walt Lewis
Jeff Lindstrom
Chris Long
Rob Lucas
Jim Mackey
Steve Mackey
Al & Barb Majkrzak
Jim Maloney
Carl Martin
Dan Masterson
Rod & Dolly Mathias
Bob McCarthy
Ed McCarthy
MCR Framing (DeKalb)
Phil McCrery
Msgr. Charles McNamee
Ken Merwin
Aaron Miller
Betty Miller
Bill Miller
Scott Miller
Florence Lowden Miller
Eric Mogren
Jeff Moritz
Jim Morris
Bill & Dorothy “Ma” Mulford
Dick & Gwen Mulford
Jean Mulford Borgen
Dave Mulvain
Walter Muraski
Chuck Natoli
Jeff Nelson
Eric Nicholds
John Nicholds
Dale Nicholson
William “Bill” O’Brien
Ottawa [IL] Scouting Museum
Curt Pannier
Ellen Pannier
Paul Park
Diane Parrish
Jamie Pennington
Jim Pepper
Bill Peterson
Jerry Peterson
Jamie Pennington
Jim Peterson
Ben Phelps
Don Pottinger
Dennis Pratt
Brian Preston
Dan & Marion Reilly
Maureen Reilly
Dick Reynolds
Gale Richard
Bill Richards
Bruce Richardson
Ashley Miller Rieber
Mike Rieber
Greg Root
Ed & Mary Anne Rounds
Ed Rudnicki Sr.
Ed Rudnicki Jr.
David Samuelson
Evan Sarver
Russ & Sue Sarver
Steve Sarver
Dave Savone
Patricia Schmig
Jim Schneider
Marc Schoonover
Matt Schramer
William “Bud” Schroeder
Will Schroeder
Keith Schuler
Karl Schweiss
David Seal
Hon. Tim Slavin
Dale T. Smith
Ken & Connie Snyder
Bill Spivey
Mariano Spizzirri
Blanche Stebbins
Kevin Stebbins
David Sterenberg Family
Hank Steuart
Jim Stevens
Kit Strawbridge
Danny Surdez
David Sweeney
Kevin Templin
Larry Thomas
Lowell Tillman
Bill Todtz
Wayne Torgeson
Troop 159, Woodstock, IL
Troop 161, Cary, IL
Troop 23, Rockford, IL
Troop 29, Durand, IL
Troop 30, Warrenville, IL
Bruce True
Tim Tyler
Lee Tyne
Donn Vitek
Cindy & Valerie Volkert
Ed Vorisek
Harry Walk
Fran Waller
Chuck & Judi Walneck
Chris & Amy Walneck
Brianna and Benjamin Walneck
Dick & Mary Wantuch
Ray Warren
Randy Weaver
Ron Weber
Art Whipple
Lawrence “Snuffy” Whitaker
Bob Wienke Family
Willwood Burial Park (Rockford)
Ralph “Red” Wolfe
Ray Wood
Everett E. Worrell
Stanley Worrell
Bob Wright
Wulapeju Lodge, OA
Carol Zarnstorff
Jim Zeigler
Mike Zimmerman
Pete Zimmerman

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